Virgin Gorda

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 Exploring Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda, the second largest of the British Virgin Islands, was named the Fat or Pregnant Virgin by Columbus for its shape, as seen when approaching from the sea. It is the ideal destination for anyone who really wants to get away from it all, in an idyllic beach location.

Of all the major Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is the most remote, offering an escape far off the beaten track, with mountainous interior and uncrowded beaches. The island three distinct areas: The North Sound, which offers protected waters and anchorages for yachts; the more-secluded Beach Coast, with its pristine white-sand beaches; and the boulder-strewn plains of The Baths and The Valley.

The Baths is the most stunning sight on the island. Giant boulders, creating dramatic sheltered grottos, are strewn along a shoreline of spectacular white sand, lapped by clear turquoise waters. Other lovely beaches also await exploration, including Spring Bay, Devils Bay, Trunk Bay, Savannah Bah and Mahoe Bay. Here visitors can go beachcombing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, windsurfing, sea kayaking and horseback riding.

Virgin Gorda offers an appealing selection of bars and restaurants. The best nightlife on the island is found at casual local pubs, where impromptu parties occur and strangers fast become friends.

LaCURE Virgin Gorda villas include daily maid service, but not cooking. While it is possible to arrange a local cook for dinner, this is a destination best chosen by independent travelers who like to arrange for their own meals.

LaCURE is proud to offer the most desirable villas on Virgin Gorda, each perfect for a casual and relaxed beach vacation- a far cry from the hustle and bustle of other Caribbean islands. The properties offer spectacular views of the lush mountain peaks and lovely beaches.

Mahoe Bay is home to several of the finest LaCURE Virgin Gorda villas. The protected tropical lagoon with reefs offshore offers marvelous windsurfing and snorkeling, with sea turtles and abundant marine life.

Villas in Little Trunk Bay provide guests the ultimate in seclusion and serenity. The bay is set among Virgin Gorda’s unique boulders and features a mostly deserted beach that serves as the perfect setting for lazy days napping under the warm glow of the Caribbean sun.

Villas in Nail Bay are nestled by Virgin Gorda National Park. Formerly home to a 19th-century sugar plantation, Nail Bay was named the “Best Value in Virgin Gorda” by Travel + Leisure magazine, in 2007. The LaCURE properties are comfortably furnished, fully equipped and offer incredible views of the sunset.

If you’d like to enjoy a magical getaway in the heart of paradise, Virgin Gorda villas are an enchanting destination. Guests can savor a splendid retreat that soothes the soul and fires the imagination.

 Tips For Visiting
  • A wonderful sense of escape accompanies any arrival on this remote isle
  • The Baths recall the Seychelles with gigantic boulders set on the stunning beach
  • Excellent beachcombing, snorkeling, diving, sailing and watersports
  • Fresh fish and fun draws us to the islands pubs and casual restaurants
  • Ideal for those seeking an unpretentious beach retreat away from mass tourism