Viewing 17 villas in Thailand

 Exploring Thailand

Visit peaceful gardens where Buddhists go to meditate. Ride an elephant by rice paddies. Cheer at a cricket game. Immerse yourself in the bustle and color of a local market, where jewelry stands sit beside displays of colorful produce. Take in the spectacle of a muay thai (kickboxing) match in Bangkok, the Southeast Asia nation’s capital. Heed the alluring call of Thailand, which offers adventure in an exotic land influenced by ancient Buddhist traditions.

And nothing is more exotic and delicious than Thai cuisine, with its fragrant lemongrass curries and sumptuous variations on pad thai (the ubiquitous and delicious rice-noodle dish). Seafood and fresh herbs are often the cornerstones of extravagant meals. The food alone is reason to visit Thailand.

LaCURE villas embrace Thai tradition but with a modern twist. Underneath the steep-pitched roofs that look like waves one finds the amenities and luxuries necessary for a perfect vacation, including a private pool to escape the tropical heat of the country.  Wooden floors and rooms separated by screen dividers re matched with contemporary entertainment electronics. And of course the Thailand villas are ideally located, many on the Koh Samui coast with sweeping views of the sea and rock cliffs that rise dramatically above the water.

Koh Samui, known as “the land of the coconut trees,” is the third largest island in Thailand. Featuring stunning beaches, lush mountains and sizzling nightlife, its attractions are hard to resist. Our Koh Samui villas allow you to enjoy all that the island has to offer without sacrificing the finest service and amenities typically offered at top-rated resorts. The difference is, you won’t have to share your exclusive property with tourist hordes.

Guests at our Thailand villas in Koh Samui can visit its  famous rock formations, Buddhist temples and cascading waterfalls. Other activities include snorkeling, diving and elephant trekking. Sightseeing tours can be arranged to the Marine National Park or neighboring islands. Learn how to prepare the delectable, spicy foods now so famous around the world. Or ask the chef at your villa to prepare you a gourmet meal that fuses the best of East and West.

Fill your shopping bags with jewelry, handicrafts and antiques wandering through Lamai, Chaweng and Nathon areas. Don’t forget to haggle to get the best price! If you want a taste of the renowned nightlife, head to Chaweng or Lamai, with several discotheques that stay open till sunrise. Cabaret shows have also becoming popular.

Or indulge in a soothing spa treatment. Some of our Thailand villas feature sauna/steam rooms where you can unwind in total privacy. Or go to a treatment center to experience the relaxing and invigorating effects of a traditional Thai massage.

Set in idyllic scenery, LaCURE Koh Samui villas offer an exclusive retreat that is an ideal way to experience an enchanting land.

 Tips For Visiting
  • Thailand is a Kingdom of Buddhist Temples, exotic wildlife and spectacular islands
  • Phuket is sandy beaches on the Andaman Sea with deletable restaurants
  • Ko Samui has evolved from hippie haven to a sophisticated beach retreat
  • Ko Samui’s full moon parties held a Ko Pha-Ngan are legendary for good reason
  • LaCure villas in Thailand are fully staffed and include all concierge services