St. Lucia

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 Exploring St. Lucia

St. Lucia lies in the Windward Islands and is frequently touted as the most beautiful island in the West Indies. It offers a rich West Indian culture that has largely disappeared from the rest of the Caribbean.

Mountainous and ruggedly beautiful, the unspoiled island is graced with a truly magnificent coastline. Hike through the awesome rainforest, where lush vegetation blankets the island in a rich emerald velvet, and sun showers sparkle in the sky, creating a constant play of rainbows.

The island is known for its banana plantations, volcanic crater and a stunningly dramatic landmark located at Soufriere-the twin mountain peaks of the Pitons, whose sheer sides fall sharply to the sea below.

LaCURE St. Lucia villa rentals offers the best selection of private villas available on St. Lucia. Each unpretentious accommodation includes a private pool and basic maid and cooking services. Perched atop cliffs and lush hillsides, offering picturesque views of paradise, the St. Lucia villas provide private hideaways and the ultimate in island luxury.

Using your St. Lucia villa rental as a hub, indulge freely in the island’s many natural wonders. Hire a guide to learn about the island’s fascinating geological features and then explore the world’s only drive-through volcanic crater at Soufriere.

Hike through the lush rainforest and bathe in hidden waterfalls. Birdwatchers can observe rainbow plumage flitting from branch to branch, both in the forest and from the privacy of their villa porches. Perhaps they’ll even spot an endangered St. Lucia Parrot!

The crystal clear waters that surround St. Lucia also beckon villa guests. Grab a snorkel or scuba gear and spend a day underwater surveying this natural aquarium, full of colorful sea life. When you want to rest and dissect the day’s adventure, the comforts of your villa await you.

From your St. Lucia villa you can also enjoy the island’s unique indigenous culture and cuisine. The original Carib and Arawak tribes, the French, the British and, especially, the descendants of slaves and their African culture have all made their mark here.

If you’re not already staying in one of the many St. Lucia villas around Soufriere, head over to the quaint fishing village for more exploration. It is the oldest town on the island and has a strong sense of history that delights visitors.

Soufriere may have been the birthplace of Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon, but it is certain that she spent a good portion of her younger years here. Walk in the footsteps of the Empress through the town, shop in the open-air market and bring home some of St. Lucia’s handcrafted artistry.

Surrounded by luxurious emerald forests and exotic tropical fruit trees, sun-kissed beaches and sparkling seas, it’s a wonder that anyone ever leaves the island! From your lavish St. Lucia villa, watch as the sun sets on your final day and breathe in the island’s ambrosial scent. You’ll know then why many visitors return to St. Lucia year after year.

 Tips For Visiting
  • Perhaps the most exotically beautiful island in all the Caribbean
  • Hiking, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing and all water sports
  • French and British influences are nuanced in a vibrant West Indian Culture
  • Highly recommended for nature lovers and romantics, not for gourmets or divas
  • LaCure villas are set mountainside to capture the truly stunning views