Viewing 24 villas in Mustique

 Exploring Mustique

Mustique is a privately owned island in the idyllic archipelago of the Grenadines, which lies between St. Vincent and Grenada, in the southern Caribbean.

In 1958, the island was purchased by an English aristocrat. Two years later, HRH Princess Margaret received a prime 10-acre parcel of land as a gift, and so Mustique became the exclusive playground of the rich, royal and famous. David Bowie, Kate Moss, and David Duchovny are just a few of the celebrity guests who have come to experience ultimate in privacy and tranquility.

Mustique boasts stunning white-sand stretches, lapped by translucent seas of emerald and aquamarine. Activities on the island include tennis, horseback riding, scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing. Fifty-eight luxurious private villas dot the beaches and hillsides of this rarified retreat of privilege and privacy.

LaCure is proud to offer the private Mustique villas. Each property includes a full staff, vehicle, and endless views of the Caribbean and offshore islands. The majority of these villas are set on hillsides with private pools, and a few are nestled directly on the beach.

As one of the most exclusive islands in the world, Mustique allows villa guests to enjoy, without crowds, unspoiled natural beauty, a warm tropical climate year-round and sophisticated accommodations. Even during the peak season, Mustique remains peaceful and serene.

The Mustique Company, which owns the island, carefully controls growth to preserve the island’s pristine character. You won’t see cruise ships stopping here and there aren’t any streets lined with duty-free shops. The island is home only to a few quaint boutiques and one bar/restaurant called Basil’s, a famous hangout where you can enjoy the delicious local catch of the day.

There are a total of nine stunning beaches in Mustique. Macaroni Beach is the most famous and beautiful, located on the east coast of the island. Its water is several different shades of sparkling blue, and there are picnic tables and palm huts under the shady palms that line the beach.

Other beaches villa guests can enjoy include Endeavor, Lagoon, L’Ansecoy and Simplicity, located on both the Atlantic and Caribbean. Lagoon Bay beach is particularly remote and quiet, inviting guests to relax and enjoy a book, or to have seaside picnic. Some of the beautiful Mustique villas overlook L’Ansecoy Bay, with spectacular views of the nearby islands of Bequia and St. Vincent.

If you’d like to set foot on some of the Caribbean’s finest beaches, explore untouched natural beauty and relax in some of the finest luxury accommodations in the world, then LaCure Mustique villas are calling you.

 Tips For Visiting
  • Set in the gem-like Grenadines and perhaps the most exclusive private island in the world
  • The rarified atmosphere mixes world-class chic and simple West Indian charm
  • A treasured collection of unique and fully staffed private villas for idyllic tropical living
  • Explore nine pristine and stunning white sand beaches
  • Watersports, tennis, hiking, sailing and daytripping to nearby islands and cays