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 Exploring Jamaica

Jamaica is a legendary destination that has lured adventurous beachcombers and aristocrats for decades. This beautifully hypnotic and seductive island nation offers a richness of culture and strength of spirit found nowhere else in the Caribbean. It’s for anyone who wishes to experience local color at its best.

Jamaica is home to picturesque white-sand beaches with aquamarine waters, lush emerald mountains, sparkling rivers, beautiful tropical foliage and spectacular sunsets. In fact, Christopher Columbus, who discovered Jamaica in 1492, described the enchanting island as, “The finest land that eyes have beheld.”

The interior of the island consists primarily of lush green mountains, while the coastline is dotted with excellent beaches. Dramatic rivers provide an opportunity for “rafting”-a chance to commune with the natural beauty of Jamaica, and to be serenaded under the silver moonlight.

The island is a garden of exotic fruits and vegetables. Jamaica is the home of the Rastafarian and their influence is felt throughout the island in the arts, the culture and in the beat of reggae music. Savor the flavorful spices of jerk chicken, sip on a sweet tropical cocktail made with the best Jamaican rum, and dance to colorful reggae music throughout your stay on this culturally rich island. The people of Jamaica are friendly and proud of their unique African roots.

The country offers world-class golf courses, horseback riding in the mountains and along the beaches, and all imaginable water sports. Restored great houses, botanic gardens and museums are waiting to be explored.

All LaCURE Jamaica villa rentals are fully staffed, with some of the best and most gracious service in the Caribbean. Visitors return to Jamaica again and again for the hospitality and to be able to explore the beaches and mountains of this unique country from their private base.

The villa provides a superior alternative to all-inclusive resorts, with their tourist crowds. You don’t have to share the beach, pool and other amenities with hundreds of other guests, escaping to your room for the only time alone you’ll get. At a LaCURE Jamaica villa not only do you receive complete pampering privacy, it can be more economical than an all-inclusive luxury resort.

Our villas in Jamaica boast diverse locations. Whether you want to enjoy panoramic views from an open-air villa atop a seaside cliff or relax in isolation at one of Jamaica’s gorgeous secluded beaches, you are sure to find a property that suits your desires. LaCURE luxury villa rentals are found in top destinations, such as Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Whether you want to spend a week relaxing by your own pool while sipping on tropical cocktails or to go scuba diving on a world-class reef, LaCURE Jamaica villas offer something for every kind of traveler.

 Tips For Visiting
  • This exotically beautiful island offers lush green mountains and excellent beaches
  • Championship golf, river rafting, hiking and all watersports
  • The exotic cuisine reflects the unique world mix of cultures that is Jamaica
  • A rich and vibrant culture resonates in the hypnotic beat of classic reggae
  • All LaCure villas are fully staffed and include concierge services