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Discreet, luxurious accommodations, timeless hospitality, and contemporary chic characterize the essence of luxury Indonesia villas in Bali. Far removed from the masses, our luxury Indonesia villas offer a veritable getaway that soothes the senses and rejuvenates the soul. Have every need taken care of for you, bask in the sunlight beside your private pool, and savor Balinese delicacies prepared by the on-site chef during your stay at our luxury Indonesia villas. Experience what it really means to be carefree at our Indonesia villas, where dedicated staff will ensure that your vacation is nothing short of heaven.

One of the advantages of our Indonesia villas is that they are located away from the hubbub of the tourist center yet remain close enough for you to go there and enjoy the world-class dining, shopping, and other tourist activities available. Of course you may never even feel the desire to leave your Indonesia villas with their luxurious furnishings, alluring decor, and myriad of amenities.

Browse the library or watch DVDs as you soak in your beautiful surroundings and experience the tranquility that's so difficult to imagine back home. Savor every moment of peace that's available to you while you spend time in our lavish Indonesia villas, you deserve every bit of it.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Bali Towering active volcanoes, miles of pristine beaches, scenic rice terraces, and colorful cultural festivities are some of the things you can see and enjoy during your stay at our Indonesia villas. You can take guided tours by plane, boat, car, or bike depending on your preferences. There's nothing more exhilarating than taking a helicopter tour to sightsee from up above. The famous temples hidden in the countryside and the breathtaking views of the active volcanoes are absolutely stunning when seen from a helicopter.

Head to Jimbaran Beach for windsurfing or surf the large powerful waves of Bali's west coast. Tennis, golf, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and parasailing are other active pursuits you can enjoy during your time at our Indonesia villas. Hop aboard a day cruise to spend a fun day with your family at a beach club or share a romantic evening with your partner aboard a dinner cruise at sunset complete with fine dining and luscious scenery.

Horseback riding is a great way to see the deserted beaches and quaint rice fields throughout the island while visitors with a thirst for adventure can head to Bali's one and only bungee jumping station.

Families staying at our Indonesia villas will be delighted with the breadth of activity options available for children. The Bali Zoo is a natural education center that hosts activities such as animal feeding and petting. A shot of your kids holding baby monkeys or colorful birds will make a great keepsake. The Bali Safari and Marine Park is set on 40 hectares and features 400 animals from around the world. Your children will have the time of their lives at our Indonesia villas.

Close your eyes and picture the sandy, white shores of the Balinese coastline. Imagine yourself relaxing on a private terrace as you admire the views of the endless blue skies and sugary beaches. Make those dreamy visions a reality by staying at our Indonesia villas.

The enchanting island of Bali awaits you with open arms.

 Tips For Visiting
  • The Indonesian archipeligo is comprised of over 17,000 islands, 6,000 are inhabited
  • LaCure's destination of choice in Indonesia is the fabled island of Bali
  • Bali is sandy beaches and volcanoes towering over picturesque rice terraces
  • Over 20,000 temples and palaces host colorful festivals and ceremonies
  • LaCure villas on Bali are fully staffed and provide excellent concierge services