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 Exploring Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's five oceans (after the Atlantic and Pacific). It is bounded on the north by India; on the west by East Africa; on the east by Indochina, the Sunda Islands and Australia; and on the south by the Southern Ocean. Many of its islands offer enchanting tropical retreats, with white sandy beaches, exotic cuisine, nature reserves that invite exploration and much more.

Lying 1,600 km off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles comprises 115 islands-41 magnificent granite islands, and 74 glittering sand cays and atolls. Together these form six groups: The Inner Islands, The Amirantes, Southern Coral, Alphonse, Farquhar and Aldabra.
The beaches of Seychelles are hailed among the world's best. Some, like renowned Anse Source d'Argent La Digue, are framed by dramatic granite rocks. Anse Cocos on the eastern coast is only accessible by foot.

Seychelles has abundant natural attractions spread throughout its islands. Astride Island, for example, offers a major nature reserve, home to different species of seabirds. The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on Praislin has the vestiges of a natural palm forest preserved in almost its original state. Ile Coco Marine National Park is set around three small islets, in shallow turquoise seawater, by large expanses of coral reefs.

The LaCURE luxury villas in the Seychelles are located on Frégate, the most distant of the Inner Island group. The two-square-kilometer island is an eco-paradise, whose 50 species of birds include the rare Seychelles magpie robin. It also boats the world's only population of the giant tenebrionid beetle, as well as numerous giant tortoises.

The island has the mystique, amenities and sheer natural beauty that attract Hollywood stars and discriminating travelers. Frégate was also a favorite haunt of pirates in the 17th century and rumors persist that buried treasure can still be found.

The island's 16 luxury, Indian Ocean villas are Frégate's exclusive accommodations. Decorated by the renowned American interior design firm Wilson & Associates, they blend with the stunning surroundings. Two villas, ideal for families with children, stand on sheltered meadows, while the other ones are built into the seaside cliffs. All have access to the Rock Gym and Rocks Spa, offering pampering treatments in spectacular natural surroundings.

 Tips For Visiting
  • Explore the vast treasures of the worlds third largest ocean
  • This ocean joins Africa to Indonesia and Australia to India
  • Ranakara is the original Sanskrit name which means creator of gems
  • Many islands in the Indian Ocean offer living reefs teeming with coral and exotic fish
  • LaCure's destination of choice in the Indian Ocean is The Seychelles