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 Exploring Greece

As the cradle of Western civilization, Greece offers history, architecture and culture wrapped in sun-kissed land. Nowhere is its beauty more evident than its 2,000 islands and atolls floating serenely in the wine-dark sea (with all due deference to Homer, bright blue is closer to the mark).

Many of the LaCURE  holiday villas in Greece are found on the enchanting island of Crete, providing the ideal way to spend days basking in the sun and lying on the alluring beaches, or investigating the ancient archeological ruins. With Jacuzzis, pools, manicured gardens and easy access to the ocean, the villas provide a welcome refuge after a day of discovery and activity.

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, floats tranquilly in the Mediterranean, saturated in pure blues and the brilliant whites of its buildings. One day you can lounge on the beach and the next you can explore one of its many dramatic gorges and hidden caves. Traversing the Samaria Gorge, for example, view the twisted-branch Cypress trees and the Cretan Dittany, a pink bloom prized for its healing abilities and said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Or visit the cave of the Elefantos, which features an underwater entrance and dramatic red and white stalactites. It was home to four different species of elephants during ancient times.

LaCURE Crete villas are easy driving distance to the delightful town of Chania, where you can visit Turkish baths, wander through the narrow streets, stop for lunch at a taverna and visit ancient architectural wonders. Then you can return to your Greek villa for an alfresco barbecued dinner, enjoyed with a glass of retsina and views of the spectacular White Mountain range.

Whether you are in the mood for adventure or leisure, LaCURE Greece villas let you experience one of the world's most enchanting and exciting destinations in luxurious comfort and style.

 Tips For Visiting
  • Bask in the Mediterranean sun on the legendary isles of the Aegean Sea
  • Villages of white with meandering streets hug the hillsides above their harbors
  • Your favorite beach has a great taverna serving amazing fresh fish and chilled wine
  • Alluring Mykonos offers a sophisticated nightlife and trendy restaurants
  • The wonders of Crete include Chania's Old Town and the Palace at Knossos