Grand Cayman

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 Exploring Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is 76 square miles of paradise, set in an emerald sea, surrounded by coral reefs teeming with life.

Cayman comes from the word "Caymanas," derived from the Carib word for marine crocodile. Sir Francis Drake visited the island, in 1585, and reported sighting "great serpents called Caymanas, like large lizards, which are edible." Legends of 18th-century pirates, including treasure caches supposedly left behind by Edward "Blackbeard" Teach and Henry Morgan, continue to capture our romantic imaginations.

Elevated just 60 feet above sea level, this island is actually a limestone outcropping that is the top of a submerged mountain. Just north of Grand Cayman, the ocean plunges to a depth of four miles.

Visitors to Grand Cayman, the biggest of the three Cayman Islands, can enjoy some of the best snorkeling, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing in the entire Caribbean. All water sports are available here, as are submarine voyages that explore life below the sea. Grand Cayman also has lots to offer golfers and shoppers. Nightlife on the island is limited but lively.

LaCURE properties on Grand Cayman include both casual beach cottages and superior villas set on the white sands of Seven Mile Beach, and the beaches of Cayman Kai. There are also a few secret spots on the south shore.

These inviting and unstaffed properties are ideal escapes for independent beachcombers and people who like their own private paradises. Unlike hotels or typical resorts, a LaCURE getaway won't make you cozy up to wet strangers in elevators or share your sunsets with hundreds of tourists.

Grand Cayman Island has fun activities for beach lovers, nature lovers and everyone in-between. Hit the links, discover hidden underwater treasures, shop in the duty-free shops, or simply relax with a good book on your own private piece of white-sand beach. Our villas can act as hub, where you can relax in complete privacy, between exciting excursions.

Grand Cayman's sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, make great daytrips for villa guests. Investigate shipwrecks off the shore of Cayman Brac or probe the island's many caves and sinkholes. Bird-watching is also a popular pastime, with many exotic species. But if you want to be sure to spot a parrot, make your way over to the island's Parrot Reserve.

Little Cayman offers more extraordinary diving at Bloody Bay Marine Park. Hike into the wilderness to enjoy indigenous island wildlife, such as the resident Little Cayman Rock Iguanas. After a fun-filled day trip to one of these spectacular sister islands, you will be longing to return to the comfort of your private Grand Cayman villa paradise.

 Tips For Visiting
  • A wonderful family destination that offers tropical sunny days and quiet nights
  • World class snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing
  • The turquoise and emerald Caribbean edges beautiful white sand beaches
  • Children will enjoy building sandcastles and visitng the Butterfly and Turtle Farms
  • LaCure Villas offers the luxurious Deck Houses and Private Residences of the Ritz Carlton