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 Exploring Barbados

Barbados is the easternmost island in the Caribbean and truly one of its crown jewels. Guests return again and again to this most welcoming of paradises. In fact, Barbados has a higher rate of returning visitors than any other Caribbean destination.

In 1625, the first English ship arrived on Barbados and the island was claimed for King James I. In 1751, George Washington sailed to Barbados and rented the home of Captain Crofton for six weeks. He wrote in his diary, “In the cool of the evening we rode in the country and were perfectly enraptured by the beautiful scenery, which every side presented to our view.”

There remains today a tangible sense of civility on Barbados, a gentility that we find calming and relaxing-an essential ingredient for the prefect villa vacation.

Barbados offers more than 70 square miles of beaches, as well as a surprising diversity of attractions. On the fashionable west coast, sometimes referred to as the Platinum Coast, you will discover a virtually continuous beach of white sand, edging a calm turquoise sea and facing glorious tropical sunsets. On the eastern shores, huge waves break full force on dramatic seascapes. This area of the island and the Scotland District in the north invite casual exploration, with many simple pleasures.

Every water sport imaginable can be found on Barbados. Family activities and attractions include exploring the island capitol of Bridgetown, lined with boats, bars and boutiques. Stroll through botanical gardens and watch history come alive in the island’s museums and restored plantation houses.

The nightlife in Barbados sizzles, in the St. Lawrence Gap area, with the sounds of jazz, socca, calypso and reggae. The island has an excellent selection of gourmet restaurants, as well as tempting duty-free shopping. Barbados also offers some of the best golf in the Caribbean, at Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland.

Barbados is home to a number of sites that will appeal to eco-enthusiasts. The so-called “Seven Natural Wonders” of Barbados include Harrison’s Cave, a crystallized limestone cave, and two large baobab trees that were brought to Barbados centuries ago from Guinea, West Africa.

Other popular attractions include Atlantis Submarines, which offers undersea expeditions, and Cool Runnings Catamaran Sailing Cruises, which runs personalized tours, including romantic sunset dinner cruises and daytime snorkeling expeditions.

The LaCURE selection of Barbados vacation rentals is exceptional. Each property includes maid and cook services. The deluxe properties have a larger staff, with butler, providing the highest level of service. Some of the most luxurious private villas in the Caribbean are found on Barbados.

Most properties are located on or near the beach, so you can conveniently soak up some sun on the white sands or dip your toes in the azure waters. Typical amenities include gyms, theatres, pools and Jacuzzis. LaCURE Barbados villas are the perfect choice for couples, families and friends who want to enjoy a private vacation in a beautiful Caribbean paradise.

So why settle for a cookie-cutter resort vacation when you can have a completely personalized tropical getaway at any one of LaCURE’s Barbados villa rentals?

 Tips For Visiting
  • Beautiful white sand beaches edge a calm sea for great swimming and all watersports
  • A British heritage lingers in the island traditions of afternoon tea, cricket and polo
  • Championship golf courses, surfing, family attractions and a vibrant nightlife
  • The finest private villas at Sandy Lane and in the preferred Parishes of St. James and St. Peter
  • All LaCure Barbados villa rentals are fully staffed and enjoy concierge services