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Some Caribbean islands float barely above sea level, while others boast majestic, verdant mountain peaks. The most glorious sun-soaked beaches in the world, whose hues range from sugar-white sand to salmon pink to earthy brown to coal black are flanked by crystal clear waters that boast a thousand shades of blue. The lush tropical scenery includes valleys of green sugar cane, speckled with bountiful banana and coconut trees. Fabulous luxury Caribbean villas, featuring a host of civilized amenities abound. The colonial past sits beside laid-back island culture. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that this magnificent region is often called the playground of the Americas.

The Caribbean is a glorious mistake. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas and thought he had reached the Indies (Asia), leading to the naming of the West Indies. The explorer’s geography might have been off, but his discovery was the world’s gain. With more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays, the Caribbean offers as many places and ways to find pleasure as it does hidden spots to bury pirate treasure.

The region is named after the Carib people, who came from South America to displace the native Arawaks, whose lost culture gave us the hammock – an invention still widely used in the archipelago.

The history of the Caribbean includes sugar plantations, piracy, African slavery, colonial incursions by the Spanish, English, French and Dutch. Mix it all together and you get a group of unique island cultures that move to the rhythms of reggae, salsa and soca, and whose flavors are as distinctive and lively as one of the region’s many spicy dishes.

The islands are not only home to a wide assortment of luxury caribbean villas and private beachfront rentals, they also offer all manner of attractions on land, sea and even under water! Hike through tropical forests where exotic birds flit in blurs of vivid color. Turn your head while snorkeling to spot a sea turtle swim by. After an afternoon of windsurfing return to your private Caribbean villa rental, where you can relax, inperturbed, or a enjoy a wonderful outdoor meal with loved ones and acquaintances.

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LaCure’s wide assortment of Caribbean villas consists of homes that are located near the action, close to vibrant beach towns and harbours with plenty of night life and excitement as well as more secluded villa rentals situated in locations that are off the beaten path, surrounded by innumerable natural wonders. Whether you are a super shopper or someone who wants to get as far away as you can from the hustle and bustle of civilization, LaCure has rental options to suit every taste – so don’t worry, be happy. We cordially invite you to Browse our selection of luxurious Caribbean villas below and contact us today so that we can help your make your ultimate island fantasy a reality.

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  • Explore thousands of islands and uninhabited cays set in an alluring turquoise sea
  • Lush green mountains soar above palm fringes beaches of exquisite white sand
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