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 Exploring Anguilla

Anguilla proclaims itself to be “tranquility wrapped in blue,” and few would disagree with this description. This small island is fast becoming world famous for luxury accommodations and beautiful white-sand beaches. Its size keeps it off the beaten tourist track, making it an ideal destination for anyone loving seclusion and simplicity.

Mind you, it’s a secret that has been discovered by the likes of Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Kevin Bacon, Richard Dreyfus, Liam Neeson, Ethan Hawk, Uma Thurman and many other celebrities.

Anguilla is the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, approximately 16 miles long and three miles wide, with one major road running east to west. The coastline is dotted with 33 glorious beaches that are pristine and among the most alluring to be found.

Shoal Bay West, for example, offers a tranquil curve of golden sand with relatively calm waters for swimming, as well as views of St. Martin and Saba. It has often been voted as the “Best Beach in the Caribbean.” Long Beach is usually quiet and the perfect spot for sunbathing. Oliver’s restaurant sits on the cliff above, with great views. Or Sandy Hill Bay is an inviting crescent of sand, found on a protected bay, that is a favorite among locals.

Not surprisingly, the island has lots of opportunities for fun in and under the water-sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving on coral reefs teeming with sea life, boat tours, deep-sea fishing and sea kayaking, for example. On land visitors can play golf or tennis, hike along rocky coastlines, explore limestone caves, go horseback riding, follow a Heritage Trail, with Anguilla’s top historical sites highlighted and much more.

While Anguilla doesn’t offer an abundance of shopping, the more cosmopolitan French/Dutch island of St.Martin/St. Maarten is only a 20-minute ferry ride away. Island charters are also available. The island is emerging as a hot destination for gourmet food lovers in the Caribbean, with new restaurants appearing each season.

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 Tips For Visiting
  • A newly fashionable yet still quiet island that rates increasingly high with many Caribbean connoisseurs
  • Explore 33 beautiful white sand beaches that edge a translucent sea of blues and greens
  • A burgeoning restaurant scene embracing European, world and local cuisines
  • One of a kind boutiques, galleries and artisan shops make shopping uniquely rewarding
  • Easy access to St. Martin and St. Barths offers the option of daytripping to the French West Indies