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How to Make a Hotel Room Feel More Like Home

There is no better vacation than a luxury vacation. The problem is, that sometimes a luxury stay isn’t possible. Maybe you have to travel for business, or make a quick one-night stay near the airport. Travel can be unpredictable and you never know when you’ll have to stay in a plain old hotel room. These rooms..

Four Ways to Make Your Vacation More Memorable

Travel and the opportunity to vacation, taking a break from the rat race, is one of the greatest blessings in our world. Seeing far-off lands, with sights and scents and sounds never experienced before, is an amazing way to spend time off. Travel is also a relationship builder. Gallivanting with someone can be a huge..

From the Gateway to the Sahara

  It was late in the afternoon as our caravan rolled up to a small, shabby hotel outside Merzouga. Our driver had forewarned us to buy water and snacks at the gas station two hours prior, as there would be no stops until we reached our destination. This was the second day of our tour..