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 Exploring Argentina

The eighth largest country in the world, Argentina is a land of contrasts. This county of ice and fire includes exciting cities, as well as remote and staggeringly beautiful wilderness areas. The common thread throughout is the welcoming and hospitable people, who share a passion for life. Argentina is a largely “undiscovered” destination-an adventure waiting to happen.

Located at the bottom of South America, Spanish-speaking country’s capital is Buenos Aires, an energetic and seductive port city that stretches south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata. It is a city of small, unique neighborhoods waiting to be explored. Their cosmopolitan architecture includes Spanish colonial design coupled with Italian flourishes and the grace notes of French classicism. The beat of the national dance, the tango, pulses from dance halls, plazas, parks and ballrooms.

Nestled near the geographical center of Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Suquía River, Córdoba, the second largest city, puts its colonial past beside all the signs of modern civilization without blinking. Go out to try a traditional Argentine meal of asado, cuts of meat cooked over coals and served with chimichurri marinade, or locro, a stew of corn, white beans, beef, sausage and squash.

Further east, the city of Mendoza lies in the centre of the country’s largest wine-growing region. There are hundreds bodegas, as wineries are called locally, that offer tastings and tours, with magnificent views of the Andes in the background. In the city itself, visitors can also enjoy fine cuisine at a number of first-rate restaurants. Hiking, horseback riding, kayaking and fishing opportunities are also close at hand.

Argentina boasts seven different national parks spread around the country, with an amazing variety of plants, wildlife and scenery. Parque Nacional Lanin, for example, has the Volcan Lanin, a stunning mountain whose snow-capped peak soars up 12,615 feet. Parque Nacional Perito Moreno is full of glaciers, with dark blue lakes underneath, making them a gorgeous sight.

LaCURE is pleased to offer the incredible experience of a residence in a deluxe estancia, just 390 kilometers from Buenos Aires, in the area of Mar del Plata, or Sea of Silver. This very special property, one of the most desirable Argentina villa rentals, is a destination in itself, perfect for either family vacations or small corporate retreats.

 Tips For Visiting
  • This county of ice and fire includes exciting cities and staggeringly beautiful wilderness areas
  • A largely “undiscovered” destination-an adventure waiting to happen
  • The tango beat pulses from dance halls, plazas, parks and ballrooms
  • Enjoy wine tastings with magnificent views of the Andes
  • A deluxe villa in the Sea of Silver is ideal for family vacations or corporate retreats