Why Be a Tourist? Live Like a Local

What is the ultimate travel guide? Perhaps no guide at all…

Conducting research online, which is certainly the most common practice, presents all kinds of complications.

TripAdvisor is by far the leader online, collecting volumes of user reviews. But, when scanning through, don’t you get the feeling that many voices have their own motive?

Professional advisors including Travel Agents and other travel authorities are a great option. A much more objective perspective, Travel Agents rarely have uneven incentives to suggest A over B.

Time permitting, why not set out on your own unique adventure?

  • Don’t read anything online!
  • Grab a map
  • Sketch out a route that covers a comfortable distance
  • Keep it safe! Explore areas that are not too far from the beaten path



Especially when in Europe – cities like Venice, Barcelona, Paris – it’s so easy to follow the crowds. But the typical result is dealing with long line-ups, overpriced food & drink and often not the best quality.

To capture an authentic experience, you want to find that concealed local kitchen, a watering hole where residents gather for happy hour or a gallery where prices are not based on tourist demand.

Taking a bit of risk, getting lost and meeting friendly strangers is the best way to establish your own authentic travel guide. Try it!





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