Where Should I Go On My Next Trip?

September 26, 2013

By Trang

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Guest Post by: Kenneth Dulude

Infographic by: Trang Lam

Contributor: Dave Levart from Dave’s Travel Corner; Nat & Tim Harris from A Cook Not Mad

When choosing a destination for a trip, there are many things to consider. Opinions on the best place to visit will vary depending on personalities, interests and hobbies of the people who are accompanying you. Here are seven things to think about when choosing your destination:

1. Interests

This one seems like a no-brainer. Depending on whom you are travelling with – whether with family members,  friends or  your significant other – you will have to take their interests into consideration when deciding upon a location. And some compromises may have to be made as well! Not everyone may want to go skiing in the Alps, scuba diving on the Great Coral Reef or for a safari in Africa. There are many locations around the world that offer a little bit of something for everyone. Check out our suggestions for destinations that match your interests!

2. Romantic Getaway

When most people think “romantic getaways,” they picture margaritas on a remote island, a cruise through the Bahamas or a candlelit dinner at an exotic location. When making a decision on where to go, make sure you know what your partner likes. Maybe they love wine. Why not plan a trip visiting French wineries? Or maybe your partner has a dream of visiting every castle in Europe? In addition to the standard “sunset at the beach” scenario, you can always try something a bit different – surprise your significant other and keep the love fire burning!

3. Family Trip

If you are planning a family trip , researching your destination is important. You don’t want to take your children to a destination where there is nothing that piques their interests, or somewhere that is dangerous. Make sure the location you choose has children-friendly activities. For example, water parks, zoos, theme parks and even nature reserves. Be sure to check with your local embassy for information on the safety of locations you are considering.

4. Adventure

Does the idea of jumping off cliffs, diving out of a perfectly good airplane or swimming with sharks appeal to you? If so, you’re crazy.

OK, OK, maybe not crazy but you like to get the adrenaline pumping. You live for adventure and thrills. When going on a trip, you’re the one looking for the most extreme activities available. When planning for a getaway like this, you could find locations that offer  activities such as cliff diving, sky diving, scuba diving, etc.,  instead of  limiting yourself to just one extreme sport.

5. Sightseeing

Travelling to different countries or even within your own country can offer  an opportunity to check out the local sights. If this is your goal, be sure to do a little research! There are many websites and books that can assist you looking for the history of a city or country. Who knows what hidden treasures you will find?

6. Time

Timing your trip just right is important . First, depending on where you are going and what you are planning to do, you may not want to plan your trip in the winter months if there is the threat of blizzards or snowstorms, disrupting your travel connections. Also, you may want to check to see if the location you are travelling to has any festivals or special events for when you are planning to go. You may find that you will want to change when you leave or how long you are staying, just so you can catch a festival that interests you!

7. Relaxation

Maybe all the excitement from the real world is getting to you and you just want to sit back, breathe deep and do nothing at an exotic location. Or perhaps you need the constant “on the move” attitude that big cities offer and many find relaxing. Only you know what you need to calm your nerves. So if relaxation is what you require, make sure you research areas that interest you and that will help you achieve the Zen state of mind, whether it involves a spa, a quiet beach or a museum or two.

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