How to Make a Hotel Room Feel More Like Home

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There is no better vacation than a luxury vacation. The problem is, that sometimes a luxury stay isn’t possible. Maybe you have to travel for business, or make a quick one-night stay near the airport. Travel can be unpredictable and you never know when you’ll have to stay in a plain old hotel room. These rooms tend not to be the most homey but I have always tried to make my hotel stays feel as comfortable as possible. Below are some thoughts from my own experience and some helpful tips from blogger and interior designer Capella Kinocheloe:

  1. Unpack
  2. Get rid of promotional material
  3. Bring something small from home
  4. Maintain parts of your regular routine
  5. Don’t forget your favourite munchies
  6. Pack extension cords/surge protector


Capella mentions that putting things away helps her to find things faster and keep to her routine. Setting everything just right  – with clothes in drawers and closets, and toiletries in their proper bathroom locations – will bring an automatic psychological difference to your stay. Digging your things out of a suitcase each day is a sure-fire reminder that you are far from home.

Get Rid of Promotional Material

Hotels often come full with small ad cards, informational binders and other logo-laden notices. These things not only clutter the room but give a formal and foreign feel to the space – they make it clear that you are in a room that is not your own, where many others have stayed. Stashing them all into a cabinet or drawer is a quick solution that will make a significant difference.

Bring Something Small From Home

Having a familiar favorite from home will inevitably give your room a comfortable, cozy and homey feel. A familiar candle or air freshener will give your room a recognizable smell. You could listen to a playlist of your favorite music – nothing better to feel at home than to hear the tunes you love. Other great options are cozy pyjamas, a picture of your family or your own alarm clock.

Maintain Parts of Your Regular Routine

Keep your own routine, even when you’re away. Then, the area might be foreign but your schedule won’t be. If you’re a morning exerciser, get up and go for a jog, do yoga, or whatever your regular morning activity is. If you are a night showerer, or morning showerer, stick with your usual routine.

Don’t Forget the Munchies

Personally, I love snacking. Of course, one of my favorite things to do in a new city is to try different foods, cooked in unfamiliar ways. However, to feel at home, I want my go-to snacks. I’ll have some donuts, or chocolate, with an orange soda. Bringing along your favorite snacks will make you feel at home. If you usually spend the night munching on chips in front of the TV, try it out while you’re away, too.

Extension Cords or Surge Protectors

Many hotel rooms are constructed efficiently, in a low-cost manner. This can mean that electrical outlets are few and far between, and often, incredibly inconvenient. An extension cord can ease some of your pain. What’s the use of having an outlet behind the dresser, when you like to plug in your laptop in bed? An extension cord will increase your flexibility, making your stay more comfortable.

More common than distance constraints, is a general lack of outlets. When travelling with multiple people, all equipped with numerous electronic devices and hairstyling equipment, the plugs can fill up pretty quickly. A surge protector, or power bar, with multiple outlets, will enable you to plug everything in – just like at home.

Next time you have to forgo a luxury villa for a quick stop or a business trip, try out these tips to make your hotel room feel more like home.


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