Four Ways to Make Your Vacation More Memorable

Travel and the opportunity to vacation, taking a break from the rat race, is one of the greatest blessings in our world. Seeing far-off lands, with sights and scents and sounds never experienced before, is an amazing way to spend time off.

Travel is also a relationship builder. Gallivanting with someone can be a huge relational building block. Many people also travel because they know that they will be creating spectacular memories. The problem is that, eventually, time passes. When you first return home, it’s been only days since you were away and you still remember every detail of your luxurious vacation. Sadly, these days turn to weeks, months, years and decades, and no matter how great you think your memory is, you will begin to forget the joys and experiences of your travels.

I’m here to help.

Here are four ways to make your vacation more memorable:

  1. Take fewer pictures
  2. Try new foods
  3. Write about it
  4. Travel with loved ones

Take Fewer Pictures

We live in the age of Instagram. There are probably more pictures of some of my friend’s lunches than there have ever existed photographs of many people in history. This technology is incredible, and it means that we can hold on to many more memories. However, it also means that we are losing out on making some. Have you ever gone to a concert and looked around – there are more people watching through their camera phones than there are watching the stage. Pictures are an important part of making your vacation memorable, but 30 years from now, you won’t need 100 pictures of every statue and street corner you saw while in Greece. Take a few wise photos, and use that saved time to do and see more.

Try New Foods

When I was a kid, it was always annoying to me when my family and I would try a new restaurant – there would be a whole new list of possible dishes to enjoy and my little sister would always order chicken nuggets. I knew it was never really my business what she wanted to eat, but it just seemed like she was wasting an opportunity. The same can be true with travel.

Travel blogger Kristen Kaweck puts it this way: “Trying cuisine from all corners of the world can play a huge role in your experience while travelling.”

Trying new foods, especially local delicacies, can definitely make your vacation more memorable. You will always recall trying that dish in India that was way too spicy for you, or stumbling upon the best couscous you’ve ever tasted in Morocco. Neither of these memories will last if you opt to eat a cheeseburger everywhere you go.

Write About It

The reason that we, as humanity, know so much about history today is because many historians over many years wrote it all down. History is, of course, missing some information, but our history would be extremely limited if no one was ever able to record it – people just couldn’t have remembered it all. The same concept is true for your travels. Why not treat your vacation as a part of your personal history? You can keep a diary or a journal while you are away, or maintain a travel blog . It doesn’t matter who reads it – it can be just for you, in order to have your thoughts, feelings and experiences in writing, which can be enjoyed years down the road. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to explain what you felt and saw during your trip; just write for yourself and you’ll be able to relive your journey later on.

Travel With Loved Ones

Spending your vacations with those you love is one of the best ways to make your time more memorable. Not only does it mean you’ll have a great time, being with people you enjoy, but it also means that you can continue to reminisce with shared stories for years to come. Many groups choose to travel for special occasions, like an anniversary or a birthday. Your mind then links the vacation with that special event. How can you forget such great memories when your loved ones tell the tales of your adventures again and again?


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