10 Royal or Luxurious Foods You Should Try When Visiting England

There are undoubtedly more than a few benefits to having the financial ability to live a luxurious lifestyle.You are able to embark on luxury travel excursions all over the world; you can indulge in the finest food both at home and abroad. For those thinking of taking a luxury vacation to England, here are ten fine foods that you should try on your trip.

On the Lighter Side


More often than not, there is nothing luxurious about tea at all, and it is a very common drink in England and around the world. However, there still exists a tea-drinking culture in England that is quite refined. Were you to be served tea in a luxury villa in England, you would be granted a tea drinking experience unlike anywhere else in the world.


Stilton Cheese

This English cheese (most common as a blue cheese) is well-known for its distinctive taste and strong smell. It is often served with tea, accompanied by fruit, crackers or bread. Cheese from only three counties is allowed to be called “Stilton” cheese.



The Main Course

Beef Wellington

This traditional English delicacy is never as delicious as when it is made in England. The preparation involves coating a rich beef fillet with both pâté and duxelles, then wrapping it all in puff pastry, before baking. Some have called it England’s fillet mignon.


These tasty molluscs were once relied upon to feed the poor in English seaside villages. When demand grew, though, oysters became a sought-after specialty for wealthy customers. Oyster bars are now popular, upmarket establishments in many English cities.

Photo credit: thimbleislandoysters.com


Sea Bass/Monkfish

When you are travelling to a country that is surrounded by the ocean, it is expected that you will experience a significant amount of seafood. Of course, fish and chips is the ol’ English mainstay, but there are more luxurious options. England is home to some of the best sea bass and monkfish on the planet. These are highly esteemed species, and can be found on fine dining menus.

For Dessert

Spotted Dick

This dish, like beef wellington, is common in traditional English homes, but can also be prepared in a luxurious manner. Most fine dining establishments will have spotted dick on the menu. The delicacy consists of a steamed suet pudding, often containing currants or raisins, served with warm custard. The mix of fried dough, warm custard and dried fruit is a pallet experience that is quintessentially English.

Banoffee Pie

A lusciously sweet, and aptly named dessert, banoffee (banana-toffee) pie is a fantastic way to finish off a decedent English meal. It is made by combining bananas and cream with toffee made from boiled condensed milk. Many recipes also include chocolate.

Battenberg Cake

Another option for all of the sweet-teeth among us. Royal in origin, this cake was named after Prince Louis of Battenberg, upon his marriage to Princess Victoria in 1884. Alternatively called domino cake or church window cake, it features a two-by-two checker pattern, alternating between pink and yellow. The whole cake is covered in marzipan before being served.

Photo credit: bbc.co.uk

Unexpectedly Royal


You may not see eggs as an especially luxurious dining option, or as a food that would be considered royal in any regard, but the connection to the House of Windsor is unmistakable. It is believed that Charles, Prince of Wales, is an avid egg-eater. He has one every morning, and most days with tea. He is said to enjoy a four-minute egg each day (boiled for exactly four minutes), a tactic that leaves the yoke sufficiently runny. The Queen is known to favour brown eggs, believing that they taste better. Eggs certainly have a royal connection. For luxurious egg options, try them en cocotte à la crème (baked with cream), or à la Chimay (stuffed with mushrooms, coated with Mornay sauce).


The word “sandwich” does not exactly have a royal ring to it, despite purportedly being named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Sandwiches, of course, consist of a couple of pieces of bread, or some kind of roll, with a filling in the middle. An elegant variety of sandwiches is often severed at genteel or proper events, like a political reception or a Royal Garden party. These are usually cut into small squares, without crusts, and often filled with cucumber. When visiting England, why not try a few sandwiches from the same country that gave them their name? Finding a sandwich containing gentleman’s relish, or a pickle-based relish, will give you a distinctively English dining experience.

About the Author: Tyler Welch is a freelance journalist and writer working with LaCure Villas. He is regularly published in print and online. His writing can range from business to politics; from romance to home improvement; from television, to sports, to current events. Contact him at tylerwelch100@gmail.com.

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