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Five Things You Should Do in St. Lucia

OK, we’re going to assume that you know to visit, marvel over and perhaps climb St. Lucia’s most prominent topographic features, the Pitons, the two massive volcanic plugs that rise dramatically out of the sea. The Petit Piton and Gros Piton – the “breasts of St. Lucia” as some wags call them – are the..

Hibiscus is the Flower of St. Lucia

  Hibiscus House is that perfect combination of old plantation style meets Caribbean chic that has its finest expression on St. Lucia. Originally built as a modest three-bedroom villa by a couple related to British actress Geraldine McEwan, new owners pulled out all the stops and had it completely overhauled, designed by renowned architect Lane..

St. Lucia: From Secret Beaches to Pepper-Pot Stews

St. Lucia is frequently touted as the most beautiful island in the West Indies, with its mountainous, ruggedly unspoiled beauty that includes a truly magnificent coastline. Hike through the awesome rainforest, where lush vegetation blankets the island in a rich emerald velvet, and sun showers sparkle in the sky, creating a constant play of rainbows…