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Sunset and Cava on the Island of Ibiza

Planning to go somewhere with sun and sand for your next vacation? You can always trust the weather in Ibiza. The Spanish island off the country’s east coast offers the bliss of a temperate Mediterranean climate. You’ll need only a light jacket in the coldest of months. As part of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza’s nearest..

Catalan Mountain & Sea Cuisine

Whether you love seafood or meat, or both, Catalonia is a destination for the world’s gourmands. Its culinary traditions are a mixture of influences – for example, paella from Valencia, or meat dishes from Provence – but always interpreted with a Catalan spin and served with the Mediterranean mania for the freshest  foods. The dishes..

Madrid: A Family Guide to the Most Spanish of All Cities

When going on a family holiday trip, you often have to choose between having a kid-friendly or an a more engaging cultural experience. Famously called “the most Spanish of all cities” by  Ernest Hemingway, Madrid allows you to have both. Whether you desire majestic historical attractions or time at the zoo, you’ll soon find out why..

Experience the Highs and Lows of Girona

The province of Girona – located in northeast Catalonia, in the north of Spain – has its highs and lows. Fortunately, both are good. Its highs are the breathtaking snowy mountains of the Pyrenees, with their fabulous skiing, hiking trails, ancient villages and emerald valleys. The lows are at sea level: the Costa Brava, whose..

My Final European Adventure

Do I go or do I sleep?  It was 2:00 pm in Barcelona and I had just finished seven months working on a cruise ship. I had reached my hotel and had nothing to do until my flight back to the States the next morning.  I had just enough time for one last European adventure…