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Making an Impression: Giverny, Rouen and Le Havre

If you are spending more than a few days in Paris, consider also taking a day trip. So much of Europe is close at hand: Bruges is less than 90 minutes away, while an extra hour train ride will take you to London. And if you don’t want to leave France, you can reach Le..

Europe in Four Seasons: Winter and Spring

This is the second in a two-part series: a guide for visiting Europe in each season. Check out the first article on summer in Helsinki and autumn in Florence! Winter Wonderland A cold wintry day carries with it a feeling of both grandeur and purity: imagine a blanket of white snow covering an old town..

Which Destination is Right For You?

  Would you rather spend your days viewing art and exhibits at a foreign museum, sprawling on a sun-soaked beach, or hang-gliding through mountain ranges? You’re going on a trip. Being a luxury vacation, this destination will likely have everything you could want or need. Many villas will be relaxing, located near outdoor and extreme..