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One-on-One with Adam Davis

The following interview with LaCure Vice-President Adam Davis was recently posted in the blog of luxury agency LuxeInACity.       Once a well-kept secret, LaCure Villas has now positioned itself as a leader in luxury villa rentals by curating a collection of over 1,000 mostly exclusive properties in 29 countries. Covering such destinations as Tuscany, Bali, Jamaica..

The World’s Best Cheese that isn’t French

One of the world’s great cheeses is creamy gold and, pound for pound, is worth more than many precious metals. Caciocavallo Podolico is produced not in France but Southern Italy, particularly in the Apennine Mountains. Shaped like a giant teardrop, it only comes from the free-ranging Podolico cows and cannot be produced industrially. Roaming the..

How Travel Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

How the travel times have changed. Picture this family in the 1960s ready to take a vacation abroad that they have planned down to the last detail with their travel agent. They arrive at the airport dressed to the nines, ready for the adventure of a lifetime, including dining in the sky. As their plane..