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Positano Sings Its Siren Song

If Positano sings a siren song that attracts travellers the world over, it’s for good reason. The town faces the islets of Li Galli, once the home of the Sirens, who attempted to seduce with song any who sailed by. You would have to be as strong as Ulysses to resist their call. Ballet legend..

Europe in Four Seasons: Summer and Autumn

  In the spirit of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons violin concertos, we present here a guide for visiting Europe in each season. The first of a two-part series, this article will feature one European city for summer and autumn. Sit back, put on some Vivaldi, and enjoy! Summer in Helsinki Like most other Nordic cities, Helsinki..

From Beans to Bars: A Chocoholic’s Guide to Europe

  This article takes chocolate seriously. In fact, we are aware that it is not always common for one to plan a trip solely for the enjoyment of chocolate. Nonetheless, wine and cheese mark the cultural capitals of the world from Paris to Cape Town. Confectionery should find itself in the same ranks. As one..

La Dolce Vita Under the Tuscan Sun

It all started with food. My luxurious dream trip to the Tuscan city of Florence became a reality when my story about global dining faux pas, “Mea Culpa! What NOT to do When Dining Overseas,” won LaCure’s Tell a Great Story contest. I was sent on the road to Florence, which incidentally is the Holy..

Horse-Racing Italian Style

One of the special wonders of travelling through Italy is the rare opportunity of stepping through a historical portal. In Siena, a Tuscan hill town, the Il Palio di Siena Horse Race upholds centuries’ old traditions and rivalries. In 1590, the Grand Duke of Tuscany outlawed bullfighting. As a substitute, a variety of races followed and today..

Which Destination is Right For You?

  Would you rather spend your days viewing art and exhibits at a foreign museum, sprawling on a sun-soaked beach, or hang-gliding through mountain ranges? You’re going on a trip. Being a luxury vacation, this destination will likely have everything you could want or need. Many villas will be relaxing, located near outdoor and extreme..

The World’s Best Cheese that isn’t French

One of the world’s great cheeses is creamy gold and, pound for pound, is worth more than many precious metals. Caciocavallo Podolico is produced not in France but Southern Italy, particularly in the Apennine Mountains. Shaped like a giant teardrop, it only comes from the free-ranging Podolico cows and cannot be produced industrially. Roaming the..