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Catalan Mountain & Sea Cuisine

Whether you love seafood or meat, or both, Catalonia is a destination for the world’s gourmands. Its culinary traditions are a mixture of influences – for example, paella from Valencia, or meat dishes from Provence – but always interpreted with a Catalan spin and served with the Mediterranean mania for the freshest  foods. The dishes..

Villa Mas Mateu: Tilt at Windmills in True Style

  So you want a vacation in Spain, in Catalonia. You want to be near the action of Costa Brava and to a town full of history and fine dining, like Girona. But you also want a secluded inland location, on its own forested estate, nestled amid olive groves, with views of the snowcapped Pyrenees…

Experience the Highs and Lows of Girona

The province of Girona – located in northeast Catalonia, in the north of Spain – has its highs and lows. Fortunately, both are good. Its highs are the breathtaking snowy mountains of the Pyrenees, with their fabulous skiing, hiking trails, ancient villages and emerald valleys. The lows are at sea level: the Costa Brava, whose..