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Teaching Overseas and Travel Tips with Craig and Linda Martin

When I started travelling there were a billion things that were scary and confusing. It helped to see what other travellers and expats were up to. In the following  interview with Craig Martin from Indie Travel Podcast, I got to ask him about how ESL affected his life and the difference between living and working in..

From Beans to Bars: A Chocoholic’s Guide to Europe

  This article takes chocolate seriously. In fact, we are aware that it is not always common for one to plan a trip solely for the enjoyment of chocolate. Nonetheless, wine and cheese mark the cultural capitals of the world from Paris to Cape Town. Confectionery should find itself in the same ranks. As one..

My Final European Adventure

Do I go or do I sleep?  It was 2:00 pm in Barcelona and I had just finished seven months working on a cruise ship. I had reached my hotel and had nothing to do until my flight back to the States the next morning.  I had just enough time for one last European adventure…