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Turks and Caicos

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- Tips for visiting -

  • Forty tranquil islands set in an emerald cerulean sea, eight of which are inhabited
  • LaCure villas are located on Providenciales “Provo” in the Caicos Islands
  • Stunning and pristine white sand beaches with offshore living reefs
  • Golf, all watersports, beach bars, restaurants and shopping
  • A quiet and sophisticated tropical escape increasingly popular with island connisseurs

- Exploring Turks and Caicos -

The Turks and Caicos are composed of 40 islands, each with unique attractions. Visitors keep returning to the archipelago to experience the special pleasures of different islands.

Providenciales, or Provo as it is called, is the most developed island and serves as an ideal base to explore its neighbors. It is a bustling tourist destination that offers all the modern conveniences. Home to world-class shopping, golf courses, restaurants and spas, Providenciales provides plenty of activity and entertainment. To unwind by surf and sand, simply head to one of the island’s beaches. The best are on the north shore, near Grace Bay.

Only eight of the Turks and Caicos islands are inhabited, so there is plenty of unspoiled natural beauty to enjoy. Nestled on hillsides and offering panoramic views of the island, LaCURE Turks and Caicos villas in Providenciales are luxurious retreats that blend in perfectly with their natural surroundings. The properties are ideal because they offer seclusion and privacy without being far off the beaten path.

If you visit North and Middle Caicos, nothing will come between you and the sound of the surf. The islands are mostly undeveloped and ideal for anyone who cherishes pristine natural beauty. Highlights include the longest cave system in the Caribbean, on Middle Caicos, and a flamingo pond, on North Caicos. The capital island of Grand Turk provides visitors a glimpse into the vibrant history of the Turks and Caicos, with it’s a vareity of attractions and rustic architectural gems.

If your idea of the ultimate Caribbean vacation consists of lying by the pool and sipping on a tropical cocktail, you can savor such rejuvenating moments at LaCURE Turks and Caicos villa rentals.

The properties are located in exclusive private estates, surrounded by sweetly scented tropical foliage. They feature stunning seaside views, luxurious interiors and exotic architecture with a distinctly West Indian ambience. At Bacaju Villa in Providenciales, guests have access to a private catamaran and boat captain, who will take them to pristine beaches and reefs for beachcombing and snorkeling.

LaCURE Turks and Caicos villas offer luxury vacationing at its very best. Conveniently located and boasting all the pampering amenities, they offer guests a taste of unadulterated tropical bliss.

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