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There’s no better way to start off 2015 than with a high-performance living program at THEE Divine Villa’s Roaring Pavilion.

We are happy to introduce you to a series of special programs that will be available at Roaring Pavilion this winter.

The first in the series is all about feeling good inside and out.

It’s about endorphins, energetic revitalisation and being inspired.

Are you looking to maintain your current fitness regime while on vacation?

Looking to ramp up your healthy lifestyle during your getaway?

Roaring Pavilion offers you a FITNESS PACKAGE to take your luxurious experience to the next level.


Here, you can enhance your luxury vacation experience by continuing your pursuit of health and fitness. Roaring Pavilion will allow you to discover the power to improve your health and experience the joy of life through fitness, good nutrition, stress management and integrated health – all while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime!

A Getaway with your Health in Mind

Our FITNESS PROGRAM is based on a precise set of integrated fitness regimes and services specially selected to help you focus on your personal fitness needs. All the while, enjoying a spectacular resort setting, savoring delicious and healthy cuisine, indulging in heavenly spa treatments and following a scientific and cutting edge health program that will leave you feeling energetic and revitalized!


An Integrative Approach

Our FITNESS PROGRAM is based on an integrated approach, in which professionals from various disciplines collaborate to help you reach your ultimate health potential. Through our program, you benefit from a team of health and fitness experts who will structure your weekly health routine in a way that leaves your body feeling invigorated and restored.

Feel Good Inside and Out

Spending seven nights and eight days at Roaring Pavilion does not mean that you have to forgo your fitness goals or pass on achieving that dream body. Instead, enjoy your experience by incorporating state of the art workouts in the privacy of your own villa.

If you’ve ever wondered what a perfect week of workouts would look like, behold: Dr. Craig McNamee has created seven ideal days of fitness. By combining specific, state of the art protocols consisting of isolated upper-body, lower-body, HIIT, metabolic conditioning and mobility training, this unique program will provide the strength training and cardiovascular conditioning that will not only help maintain, but enhance your current fitness levels.


Executing these specific workout categories in a precise format will cover all of your training bases to achieve results.

Here’s how your week could look:

Day 1 – Metabolic Conditioning

Day 2 – Upper Body personal training workout

Day 3 – HIIT and Agility

Day 4 – CORE and Stability

Day 5 – Cardio Conditioning

Day 6 – Lower Body personal training workout

Day 7 – Restorative/Recovery/Mobility

Each session will be complimented by a treatment or massage to enhance your body’s recovery and vitality THE FITNESS PROGRAM at Roaring Pavilion is a structured, invigorating fitness vacation set on one of the most pristine beaches in the world. Located in a personalized and upscale environment, this program will push you to the limit but have you smiling the entire way. THE FITNESS PROGRAM consists of 60-MIN of working out each day and incorporates many different fitness disciplines and mind body sessions into the weekly schedule. This is the pinnacle of high-performance living.

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Our guests attend this program for many reasons: to get re-motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, challenge current fitness levels, shape & tone, experience an active fitness vacation and to rejuvenate mind & body! We aim to promote an overall sense of better fitness and wellness for our guests after completing THE FITNESS PROGRAM. Get inspired, push it to the limit and enjoy each moment of fitness with us during your stay!

Your stay at Roaring Pavilion is available for a minimum of seven nights and eight days between February 1 – 14. Your experience can be described as “A high intensity, and active retreat!”

The crown in the jewel is having the undivided attention of Dr. Craig McNamee who will bring his dedication to wellness directly to you while enjoying the Caribbean’s most celebrated estate, Roaring Pavilion.

About Dr. Craig McNamee

With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Dr. Craig McNamee’s vision has evolved. With his diverse background, Craig is able to utilize a variety of techniques to unleash his client’s ultimate potential. He feels with proper education, motivation and communication, he can guide his clientele towards optimal health one-step at a time.


Seeing firsthand the benefit of employing Active Release Techniques® Soft Tissue Treatment (ART®), Medical Acupuncture, and Premium Personal Training, Dr. McNamee is able to re-align the body utilizing its connective tissue system. He employs this unique skill set in order to maximize his client’s success and take their healthcare to the next level.

Dr. Craig McNamee, BSc. Hons (Kin), DC, ART®, CSCS, will be your catalyst to health.

Regular villa rates apply.

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