Five Ways to Keep Kids Amused in Jamaica

Jamaica is extremely kid friendly, with attractions ranging from water parks and dolphin swims to meeting a local family for a play date. If you are lucky enough to be Jamaica bound this spring break, here are some ideas to keep your kids and teens occupied and happy.

1. Meet the People
This program, run through Visit Jamaica, connects visitors with locals to help them know “the real Jamaica.” Meet the People tries to match interests, so visiting families can get together with local families, for activities such as hikes or swimming.

Photo by: Vox Efx

2. Light Up Your Life
What kid doesn’t like things that glow in the dark? If you go to the Luminous Lagoon at Glistening Waters after dark, you’ll see the waters light up with bioluminescence, as millions of microorganisms flash light each time they’re disturbed. You can take a night dip in the glowing waters that are east of Montego Bay or just watch from a boat. It’s a good show no matter what.

3. Take a Trot into the Drink
There are a number of outfits that will take your family on a guided horseback ride through backcountry trails, with cliffside views over the sea. The trip ends when you ride your horse into the Caribbean for a swim you won’t forget. (Much cooler than doing the dolphin thing).

4. Visit the Best Dives
The best place to view the sunset in Jamaica is on the West Coast. Down the way from Negril you’ll find Rick’s Cafe, perched on the cliffs. You can sip a drink, watch the sun set and your kids try their dives from the platforms at different heights into the crystalline waters below. The highest one is 35 feet up there, but we suggest you leave it to the cliff divers who know what they are doing.

Photo by: Jon Lee Clark

5. Hike Dunn’s River Falls
Yes, we know, that this one is on every tourist list of things to do. That’s not to say it isn’t worth doing. You can do a guided hike, or hike yourself, up the beautiful 600-foot falls, whose waters flow into the Caribbean. There are lots of safe viewing areas on the way up, with mini-waterfalls to frolic in and detours through tropical gardens.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep kids amused is to stay at your own private Jamaican luxury villa, with a gorgeous swimming pool and attentive staff, who will make them all their favourite things to eat. Whether you want to enjoy panoramic views from an open-air villa atop a seaside cliff or relax in isolation at one of Jamaica’s gorgeous secluded beaches, you are sure to find a LaCure property that suits your desires.


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