Sunset and Cava on the Island of Ibiza

Dalt Vila
Dalt Vila: the historic centre of Ibiza town.

Planning to go somewhere with sun and sand for your next vacation? You can always trust the weather in Ibiza. The Spanish island off the country’s east coast offers the bliss of a temperate Mediterranean climate. You’ll need only a light jacket in the coldest of months.

As part of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza’s nearest major inland cities are Valencia and Murcia. Only slightly smaller than the island of Mallorca, Ibiza has a different tourist scene. Where Mallorca is famous for its wealth of cultural  and historical attractions, Ibiza is known for its fabulous nightlife.

Ibiza beach party scene.
Ibiza beach party scene.

Only 30 minutes away by ferry is the smaller island of  Formentera. Together he two islands have been called the Pine Islands by Greek settlers since antiquity. Ibiza itself  is divided into five municipalities. Among them, the capital Eivissa (Catalan spelled in Spanish as Ibiza), San Antonio, and Santa Eulària des Riu are the best known.

Each of them has a different charm: where Vila d’Eivissa is the largest municipality with the main airport. San Antonio is popular for its large number of bars and clubs. For ideas for fun here, check out these 16 must-dos on the island presented in the U.K. magazine Marie Claire. (Party on a boat; party with celebs; party cave style; etc.)

The bars and clubs of San Antonio are everywhere, but especially concentrated in the west end and beloved by visiting Brits. Clubs are open from 11 pm until dawn, so you are guaranteed a nightlong party.

The town’s Sunset Strip is also famous for its party scene, but with a more upscale reputation. Well worth checking out is the sizzling Café del Mar beach bar, which has multiple locations throughout the country. Café del Mar is known for its exquisite music, releasing compilations – featuring everyone from Moby to Pat Metheny – designed to be enjoyed with the island’s sensational sunset views.

If you want to have an experience away from the beaten tourist crowds, check out this alternative guide to San Antonio. It includes the best place for breakfast after a night of partying, and a pristine, out-of-the-way beach to catch some rays.

The main town of Ibiza offers more diversity. Beside bars and clubs it features street markets and a variety of boutique stores open at night, the time when Ibiza is most alive. If you feel remorseful after too much indulgence, pay a visit to the town’s cathedral. Located on top of  hill and clearly visible throughout the old town, the cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mary and provides a magnificent view in all directions.

Also  appreciate the city view taking a walk along the walls that were used to defend the island against pirate raids, and are now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more history of the region, check out the outdoor museum: Dalt Vila is the historic core of Ibiza town and the most important cultural and artistic site on the island.


Not surprisingly Ibiza has a wide selection of accommodations, including luxury villas. It would be great to have a private residence all to yourself, so you can sleep it off in true comfort.



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