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Kimberly Fisher has been a beauty queen,  winning numerous pageants, continuing her careers as a model and an actress, including an appearance on Entourage in 2012 and at least 13 episodes in a 2006 TV series. She also runs multiple travel websites and she has a whole slew of writing chops, including regularly creating travel content for The Examiner.

And we had the honour of her time for this short interview!

I gave you a nice list of credits above, though I’ve probably missed some of the better bits.  Did your life one day swing this way, the nerdy girl in some Alaskan high school-come-entrepreneur and public persona? Or were you more or less on this path from the get-go? What’s the story?

I think I have always been on this out-of-the box path. My parents were great in letting us be whomever we wanted to be – they didn’t really have stereotypes and never told us we couldn’t do anything . . . so I literally try everything. If I like it, it sticks. If I don’t, I move on.

I have a lot of respect for your ability to have your feet in tons of different industries and get along well in them. It’s not a very common trait. I’m interested in hearing about what, in your life as a whole, you’re most proud of and why.

I think maintaining some sort of work/life balance and always doing what my heart desires is what I am most proud of. It does take a lot to stay grounded and down to earth. In different stages of my life I have been proud of certain things: winning beauty pageants, landing my first TV role, seeing my first magazine cover, publishing articles.

Travel as a general statement seems kind of bland. Let’s go take our pictures at the Eiffel Tower! The Louvre! The Great Wall! For me it’s always been about the stories. The little barbecues on city streets in China with their plastic chairs; friends drinking over-large beers and eating spicy local foods, all before heading out to . . . make another story. Dave Levart had asked you in a previous interview about a “humorous moment” for travel and you hinted at a couple:

I had a odd experience with in-room massage in China, a jungle guide that tried to convince me to eat live termites in Belize, fed sharks in Tahiti and one of the worst hangovers ever from Soju rice wine in Korea.

I’d trade this whole interview for you sharing a couple of those stories 🙂

I do seem to rack up really funny scenarios with no problem!

My friend Lina and I were traveling the Silk Road in China and were staying at a decent hotel in one of the smaller cities (I think Xi’an). We were a little jet-lagged and a little sore from riding camels in the Gobi Desert (another story) and figured an in-room massage would be a good idea before dinner.

We called the concierge and he said the massage service was from next door. We said no problem, send two masseuses to our room. As the doorbell rang, we opened the door and two little Chinese girls were a little in shock and starting giggling covering their mouths. We weren’t really sure what was so funny, and they hardly spoke English, so we were at a loss. They gave us a “one moment” sign and left.

The door rang again shortly and two Chinese guys were at the door. They were also sort of giggly, and asked us if we had lotion. We though it was sort of strange, but provided the hotel lotion. They also didn’t bring massage beds, so we ended up doing the massages on our beds.

I remember at one point looking over to Lina as this random Chinese guy was literally just rubbing lotion onto my back and seeing my little friend lying face down with her arms flailing about . . . For some reason this made me laugh hysterically. Worst massage ever, but great story.

Being a model and an actress comes with stereotypes. You’re also an entrepreneur and a writer, both with stereotypes that contradict the former. Have you had any specific trouble mixing worlds? Have you ever used those stereotypes to your advantage?

Kimberly-Fisher-2I never actually really thought about it. I just did it. I was very lucky to have an entertainment career for several years in Hollywood that allowed me to go to school and develop skills that probably helped me with writing and starting different websites, including my marketing company, KF Marketing Solutions.

I always was known as the “smart” model. . . . I would always be reading or writing something on shoots or studying for school. Ironically, being a model was what started me writing. I was doing an “ask the model” column for a popular men’s website, and the offers to write started to come in after that.

Can you tell me about some of your recent travels? Where did you stay, what did you get up to?

As of right now I have been to 53 different countries and almost every U.S. state. I recently was in Puerto Rico, Iceland, Japan and Hong Kong.

Puerto Rico was a long weekend in San Juan, complete with a rainforest hike and kayaking at night in the Bioluminescent Bay. I loved the food and the rum!

What are some articles that you’ve written that you’re most proud of?

One of my personal favorites was interviewing Martin Miller, the founder of his namesake gin. A very debutante, charismatic character.

I also loved covering NE-YO’s Charity Event in The Hamptons.

Two of my favorite destination pieces were Iceland and Bermuda.

You’ve said that the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People had a big influence on you when you just started out; do you have any other major influences in your life? Do you follow any blogs or have any relationships that have had a big impact on you? Feel free to give shout-outs 🙂

I subscribe to Positively Positive and read a passage everyday from Skakti Gawain‘s Reflections in the Light. I also love everything written by Gabrielle Bernstein.

I find that when I’m talking to someone new, they grasp at an aspect of me that they find familiar or interesting. “Oh, you do that?” And then that’s all we talk about. We never get to my favourite topic, or what I find to be the most important bit that everyone else is glossing over. Of all of the interviews you’ve ever done, what’s one question you wish someone had asked you? What’s you answer?

I think that question changes over time. Right now the question would be “What’s your ideal life?” And I think that my answer would be kimberly-fisher-interviewthat I am living it right now this moment.

I am so grateful I have a life filled with an amazing family, great friends I have had forever, love, substance and joy. I live in the greatest city in the world and get to travel and experience new things every few weeks. I’m working for myself and (hopefully) doing some things that are impactful and make a difference. I cut out a lot of “noise” to get where I am today.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Kimberly!

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