Mauritius: A Paradise of Sun, Sand and Culture


Mauritius is a dazzling island nation containing more beauty than one can scarcely imagine. If you haven’t heard of the country nicknamed “The star and key of the Indian Ocean” it wouldn’t be a surprise. The little-known tropical paradise is sheltered from much of the hype and  excessive tourism plaguing many popular vacation destinations. Even within the seclusion and privacy of this stunning island, a relaxing luxury vacation is still very possible.

Of course, you won’t just jet off to a place that you know nothing about. Here is some quick and interesting information about Mauritius and all that it has to offer.

Geography and Climate

The country is made up of several islands dotting the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, the largest and most populated being the Island of Mauritius. The scenery is unbelievable. A trip through Mauritius would reveal lush sugar plantations,  mountain peaks stretching to the clouds, marvellous sand beaches and tropical rain forests; all of this in a place that is only about a third of the size of Prince Edward Island.

The climate cannot be beaten. The average temperature on Mauritius only changes four degrees between seasons – ranging from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. It would be hard to find a place with more consistently warm weather than Mauritius


The Mauritian culture is diverse and welcoming. Throughout their history, the islands have been inhabited by different peoples. The Portuguese found Mauritius in 1507 and the Dutch settled it 91 years later. After they abandoned the area, the French took ownership before the British took control during the Napoleonic Wars. Finally, in 1968, Mauritius became an independent republic and its people are now in charge of their own affairs.

The country is an accepting melting pot composed of several ethnicities – mainly of African, European and Asian descent. The islands contain temples and holy places belonging to Christians, Hindus, Muslims and many others. The country is so welcoming and diverse that most of the residents are (at least) bilingual and the country has no official language. English, French, Chinese and Creole are the most popular ones spoken.


What to Do

Locals and travellers alike enjoy all that Mauritius has to offer. Time on the islands will mean escaping to a naturally beautiful paradise. Popular travel blogger, Rohan of Path Rarely Taken, said of Mauritius: “It’s the perfect place to go on a romantic stroll with your partner, watching the sunset, with swaying palms on one side and the ocean with treasures infinite on your other.”

mauritius-lifeOn your getaway you will discover many multi-ethnic and cultural diversions. Watersports, gorgeous beaches and the always-warm tropical climate offer many possibilities.

Places to Stay

There are several luxury villas, spas and resorts that can be your oasis during your time away. Two are especially notable:

Villa Mogador: is a restored colonial retreat on a mogador 04private beach. It is equipped with a private slate swimming pool surrounded by tropical gardens and a long veranda overlooking the Indian Ocean. The four-bedroom, four-bath masterpiece of luxury design is also staffed with a chef, housekeeper, concierge, security and gardener.

Villa Serenity: tells its story with its name. serenity 01A journey here is just that – serene. The large, five-bedroom villa is situated on the waterfront on a private peninsula, with access to the Four Seasons Anahita Resort.

Mauritius is rich in culture, history and natural wonders. Before reading this, you may have never even heard of this island nation. But now that you’ve been  enlightened, there’s nothing to stop you from taking advantage of everything this country has to offer.

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