The French Riviera’s Three Best Luxury Villas


France’s southeast coastline is one of the most prized luxury vacation destinations on the planet.  Also known as the Cote d’Azur, the French Riviera is a long and stunning coastline, full of sand, sun and culture, running from from the Principality of Monaco to the French city of Toulon. Along the way, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez offer vibrant and beautiful getaway destinations, each one more amazing than the next.

Pristine beaches and a climate that averages high temperatures and low humidity made the Riviera one of the first modern resort areas. British aristocrats enjoyed its luxuries in the 18th century, with the likes of Queen Victoria and writer Aldous Huxley using the coast as a frequent vacation destination.

Now, luxury seekers from across the globe flock to the French Riviera to play at the Monaco Casino, attend the Cannes Film Festival or to simply savor the natural wonders of the marvellous scenery. calls the scenery awe-inspiring and the blue water revitalizing. The blog also named the Cote d’Azur “one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.”

For your luxury stay in the French Riviera, here are three of the ver best luxury villas:

Villa O

Villa O is a five-level, six bedroom masterpiece that you will never want to leave. From the villa’s perched positon, you’ll look over
the sea and marina and the road leading up to it, lined with palm trees and eucalyptuses. The architecture is stunning. You’ll be able to look out on the Mediterranean while drinking your morning coffee on  the outdoor dining pagoda, or having lunch on one of the eight terraces. During the evening you can lounge in the private cinema or work out in the fitness facility. Around-the-clock service includes a concierge, a private chef and two waiters. Only 10 km from the Nice Airport and 12 from Monte Carlo, this is the perfectly situated villa for a luxurious stay in the French Riviera.



Nathalie is only five minutes away from beaches and tennis, ensuring that this Saint-Tropez gem has everything you’ll need. The private estate offers a five-star hotel experience in a beautiful oceanfront villa. The estate is secluded, guarded by 50,000 square feet of garden space, including a heated, bi-level infinity pool. The deck and terrace offer a chance to dine and lounge with unbelievable views of the Mediterranean. With a private butler included, and services like a babysitter, chef, driver and newspaper delivery available, this villa is the perfect home away from home.

La Corniche

La Corniche is a hilltop villa located in the coastal village of Le Trayas that offers a private and relaxing experience. Outside you’ll find a triangular infinity pool, majestically tumbling over a cliffside. You will also be overlooking La Figuerette beach and the Mediterranean. The estate borders the National Park de L’Esterel, where you can take advantage of trails for hiking or cycling. The outdoor BBQ and dining area can be enjoyed while taking in the hilltop view. It’s also framed by the villa’s large windows. With housekeeping and concierge services, your time in Le Trayas will be completely worry free.

The French Riviera is a destination filled with everything a vacation-seeker could ever want. A stay in any of these three beautiful villas will enhance the experience immeasurably.

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