Which Destination is Right For You?


dest-1Would you rather spend your days viewing art and exhibits at a foreign museum, sprawling on a sun-soaked beach, or hang-gliding through mountain ranges?

You’re going on a trip. Being a luxury vacation, this destination will likely have everything you could want or need. Many villas will be relaxing, located near outdoor and extreme adventures, and close to cultural and heritage sites. There are a few destinations that can really blow your mind, if you are the right kind of traveller. Below are three travel types and some of their best destinations.

  1. The adventurer
  2. The culture seeker
  3. The relaxer

The Adventurer

This is the person who grows bored with too much time relaxing; they would rather be going fast, climbing high or trying something new.


If you’re like this, one of your best options is Mexico. It may be  best known for places like Cancun, but this southern nation can offer much more. In Mexico, you’ll find some of the best gliding and zip-lining around. You can spend one day diving with dolphins and spend the next climbing around ancient Aztec ruins. Another adventurous aspect is the food. It may be spicy, but a true adventurer will taste anything once.

Two other options are Costa Rica and Ecuador. Both have amazing weather and dazzling wildlife. Costa Rica is home to the tallest bungee jump platform in Central America and Ecuador’s diverse climate will allow you to climb mountains, hike the Amazon rain forest and swim with sea turtles – all in once place.

My villa recommendations: Casa Zar and Casa Ikal


The Culture Seeker

This is for the vacationer who yearns to find a new favourite museum or to discover the works of a local artist. He or she wants to learn about the lands they travel to.

One of the best, and most well-traveled, options is Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Palace of Versailles, and the list goes on. It is difficult to find a place more culturally focused than Paris, except perhaps Italy or Greece.


Travellers to the Italian peninsula can discover Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and many other incredible cities offering history, the arts and delicious food.

Greece’s storied history stretches even further, and visitors to Athens and beyond will not be disappointed by the culture or the beauty of this country.

For a non-European option, try China. Beijing and other ancient cities contain more culture than you might expect. Prepare to immerse yourself in a fascinating culture.

My villa recommendations: Villa Impruneta and Vue Royal

The Relaxer

This category is for the person who wants a true vacation – take their mind of everything and just rest. They want peace, quiet and many opportunities to put their feet up.

The classic choice is to go for a beach. Anywhere in the Caribbean is certainly applicable. As are places like The Seychelles and the South Pacific.  The Maldives, St Croix and Tortola are smaller options – offering greater privacy, fewer tourists and more relaxation. Katrin Sif, in her travel blog, called White Bay beach, Tortola: “Someplace stolen straight from a picture perfect postcard of the ultimate Caribbean destination.” It doesn’t get more relaxing than that.

Another great place to relax is Switzerland. The beautiful Alps provide a stunning backdrop for a vacation. Whether you are lounging in a chalet during skiing season or taking it easy in a townhouse in Zurich or Geneva, Switzerland is a perfect place to spend some time away –not to mention enjoying some great chocolate!

My villa recommendations: Canefield House and Chalet Attelas Ridgedest-1

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