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The following interview with LaCure Vice-President Adam Davis was recently posted in the blog of luxury agency LuxeInACity.

      Once a well-kept secret, LaCure Villas has now positioned itself as a leader in luxury villa rentals by curating a collection of over 1,000 mostly exclusive properties in 29 countries. Covering such destinations as Tuscany, Bali, Jamaica and South Africa, each villa was hand-picked and inspected by LaCure’s team of villa specialists.

 Amongst LaCure’s “villa guru” stands Adam Davis, a world-traveler who bounces from one villa destination to the next in hopes of finding the best. As a luxury guru, Adam shares with us a few tips and stories as the Vice-President of LaCure Villas.

When and why did you become a luxury villa guru?

 “I joined LaCure in 2005 to lead some initiatives within the Corporate Communications division. After quickly jet-setting many countries to find the best hotels and venues to host our client’s meetings and events, I also realized that “villa expertise” was LaCure’s best-kept secret and a great differentiator within our marketplace. In 2007 working with a team, we relaunched the LaCure Villas as a global brand (rather than just a niche player) with new look, feel and several additions to our list of destinations. My “villa guru” status has been built over the past several years simply by being extremely critical of accommodations, locations and things-to-do on behalf of clients who have a world to choose from!”

Your portfolio consists of more than 1,000 villas in 29 countries. How did you curate them?

“Over 34 years, LaCure has built an international network of experts in travel and luxury hospitality. We are constantly inspecting villas and regularly re-inspecting for consistency. The LaCure standard is one of the most stringent in the industry – similar to that of the finest hotel brands. We have walked many beaches, tested water pressure, poked at pillows and mattresses and interviewed staff in the most desirable destinations in the world.”

What is in the future for La Cure Villas?

“Bigger and better – with no compromise in quality. Everyone should try a villa stay! …  Awareness.”

Tell us a little about how your team helps luxury travelers find the perfect villa.

“Our consultants ask lots of questions. We try to learn as much about our clients as possible, within reason, maintaining privacy. When working with travel agents, we encourage them to do the same. Past travel trends are an important indicator. We urge our well-travelled clients to reach out and try something new such as a fully staffed villa in a new location! “

With so many properties to choose from, what one tip would you give to someone looking for a luxury villa?

“Be honest with yourself – what you are looking for? How much you want to spend? Indecision makes narrowing the selection even more of a challenge. “

If you had to pick, where would you rent your next luxury villa?

“Tuscany! Florence to be exact. The food and wine in this region is just too good to refuse! Great fashion too and the home of Ferragamo!”

As a private concierge brand ourselves, we often get peculiar concierge request from patrons such as flying a golden retriever by private jet. Could you give us one request your concierge had to fulfill that stands out from the rest.

“A bath of Milk for a very important client. We had to say no with an explanation, as it would be unfair to the local community.”

Having traveled to so many destinations to expand your villa offering, what destination stands out from the rest? and why?

“South Africa is an amazing country. It is a commitment to travel to from North America, but it is a dynamic experience. Geographic location (situated between two oceans), a melting pot of culture and recent political transition – makes for an eye-opening experience. Villas in Cape Town near Camps Bay Beach are super cool, contemporary designs with wicked views. Check out Llandudno Beach Villa in particular.

If you weren’t the Vice-President of La Cure Villas, what career would you pursue?

“Tough to trade … but maybe something in real estate or fashion”

What is your personal definition of “luxury”?

“Luxury is subjective and should equate to comfort, as everyone’s standard is different. “

While staying in a five-star hotel has its undeniable perks, we here, at LuxeInACity, strongly recommend trying a luxury villa for your next getaway. If Adam has picked your curiosity, don’t hesitate to reach out to him and his team of villas gurus at LaCure Villas.

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