Villa Kishti is Poetry Near Ocean

Villa Kishti  is suffused with nature, producing an atmosphere of quiet contemplation for its occupants. The encircling landscape and seascape, ever-changing, are constant companions in this family sanctuary where unity and solitude are nurtured in equal measure.

[This] is a 1450 m², Balinese-inspired, private retreat in Anguilla, British West Indies. The residence challenges traditional notions of shelter and nature as separate domains, with interior and exterior blurred in a seamless interplay of architecture, interior design and landscape design.

This is a description of one of Anguilla’s most unique and breathtaking new villas taken from the Bronze Interior space award it recently received from the ‘A’ Design Award Competition. Created by renowned international designers Ceccoini Simone and architect Frank Hamilton, Villa Kisthi – with its unique angled and sloping roofs, artful Balinese flourishes and dazzling juxtapositions of wood, metal, glass and concrete building materials – also won the Best Residential Property Interior in the 2011 Americas Property Awards, run in association with Bloomberg Television and Google.

‘Kishti’ itself comes from Urdu and means boat, ark or canoe – a frequently used term in Indian poetry, reflecting life, love and god, among other things. With Villa Kishti the poetry begins in its location, nestled  on a cliff by a volcanic shore, with sweeping views of the azure blue Atlantic waters from its many exterior and soaring interior spaces. Alfresco meals can be enjoyed on a sweeping deck (with amazing views, of course), cooled by the steady trade winds. During the day guests can swim in the large infinity-edged saltwater pool. In the evening they can celebrate the setting sun, with drink in hand,  in a hot tub set in a grotto.

Inside a spacious two-story high living room is graced with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, opening to the outdoor decks. A state-of-the-art kitchen overlooks an indoor/outdoor dining area seating 12. An office/exercises/recreation room also opens to a private terrace. The four opulent bedrooms all have private terraces with magnificent seaviews, and boast king-size beds, sitting rooms and ensuite bathrooms. The master suite also features an outdoor shower and hot tub. A five-minute walk from the white-sand beaches at Blackgarden Bay, Villa Kishti is also close to all that this 16-mile-long pristine jewel of a Caribbean island has to offer.

Frequented by the likes of Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Liam Neeson, Ethan Hawk, Uma Thurman and many other celebrities, Anguilla has proclaimed itself to be “tranquility wrapped in blue.” It’s an off-the-beaten-path destination renowned for its beaches, marine parks and world-class snorkeling and diving. Explaining his attraction to the island, the Canadian owner of Villa Kishti says, “Beaches define Anguilla. It’s amazing that such a teeny speck of a Caribbean island, could have so much sand! Anguilla’s crown jewels, her 33 pristine white sand beaches, are as beautiful and inviting as they always have been, some now sporting even more powder-soft white sand as a result of recent constructive waves.

“Beach restaurants define Anguilla dining. There is perhaps no island of any size, anywhere, that offer so many almost-in-the waves eating establishments. At least six new restaurant experiences have been added recently to Anguilla’s already exceptional dining scene. Its award-winning restaurants offer eclectic dining experiences in settings that range from elegant chic to casual beachside bistros and roadside Barbecues. Whether it’s lazy afternoons on the beach, or evening eating at its elegant best (but feel free to come in shorts), the relaxing lapping rhythms makes every experience the best.

“Anguilla continues to be regarded as a destination of choice among visitors from around the world, offering what many perceive as ‘the Caribbean vacation experience the way it used to be’: no manicured roadsides, no cookie-cutter buildings, no white picket fences, just authentic island living. Its appeal as a destination continues to derive from its stunning collection of beaches – pristine, powder-white sand, crystalline, azure-blue waters, and balmy trade-winds that ensure a consistent water temperature of 75 degrees. Most importantly its inviting people offer their warm, genuine and affectionate welcome.” And there is no better way to enjoy this welcome than in the magical confines of Villa Kishti.

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