Seven Ways to Keep the Love Fires Burning

If love is a flame you have to find new ways to keep it alive. Its light can dim with the pressures of work, kids and just the routines of life. To stoke the flames again, couples need to find worlds apart from their usual ones.

Travel to luxury villas in the most exotic and beautiful parts of the world can turn the flame of passion into a roaring furnace. Here are seven ways to reignite those special feelings.

1. Discover the Sea of Love: The great thing about a beachfront villa is that, well, it’s on the beach. It’s there when you want to take a cooling dip during the heat of the day. It’s there as you lounge under an umbrella, reading that book you never had time for at home. And it’s there at midnight, with the moonlight reflecting on the rolling waves, lighting the two of your heads as you skinny dip – teenagers once more.

2. Feel that Magic Touch: The two of you are side by side, face down on treatment beds, on the outdoor terrace of your villa’s private spa. You have both made your selections from the spa menu’s extensive selection of pampering and live-giving body treatments. As the fingers of the masseuse work to soothe muscles and align energy channels, your mind drifts between sleep and a recurring desire to try out these massage techniques later when you are alone.

3. Juggle Your Emotions: A villa can be a perfect home base to explore an exotic new culture. Imagine staying in Morocco and wandering maze of Marrakech‘s market streets – a mind-boggling experience, with their snake charmers, jugglers, rattling donkey carts, acrobats, castanet-tapping water sellers and vendors hawking Berber cures for any ailment or social or economic problem. After a traditional meal of couscous and spicy tagine stew, you decide to turn in early, so you are ready for your trek tomorrow into the soaring Atlas Mountains.

4. Get Your Thrills: Nothing gets the heart pumping faster than shared adventure. A trek through the jungles and up Mount Chirripó in Costa Rica where you can see both the Altantic and Pacific Oceans.  Go jet skiing, parasailing or stand-up paddle surfing for the first time. Ride horseback up Maui’s highest mountain peak. Snorkel in the clear waters of a Mayan Riviera eco-park. Slide along cables from platform to platform in a breathtaking canopy tour in a South African game reserve… Just do it.

5. Indulge a Passion for Food: It’s proven that the fastest way to any person’s heart is through the stomach. This is especially true when indulging in luxury travel and having your own private chef. She can cook to order but left to her own devices creates spectacular menus fusing the freshest local ingredients with techniques learned from master French chefs and at her mother’s knee. Your feast is served to you alfresco, on a villa terrace, overlooking the sweep of the ocean. Course after course comes, with the butler pairing each one with a perfect wine or liqueur. As the sun sets and ocean darkens, the staff discretely withdraws, leaving the two of you to dance under the stars.

6. Feel the Heat: The two of you lounge in front of a roaring fire in your private chalet deep in the mountains of Switzerland. You sip your Kir Royales (cassis and champagne) and enjoy both the magnificent view of the surrounding peaks and the lingering burn in your thighs after a full day of skiing just a fraction of the 190 miles of runs in Klosters and Davos. And there’s no need to move a muscle (unless you want to), because your private chef is preparing another magnificent feast for you as you sip.

7. See and Be Seen: One of the great things about destinations like St. Barths is that glamor surrounds you, feeding your romance. You might see Beyonce or Lindsay Lohan on the beach, or the members of the Black Eyed Peas or Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter on the dance floor of one of the sizzling nightclubs. But then again, perhaps you only have eyes for each other.

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