Luxury Travel Resource Guide For Today’s Affluent Traveler

As we travel, we all have our ultimate resources, gadgets and brands when preparing for our next getaway. Regardless of it being for work, pleasure, or a combination of both, today’s affluent traveler has an abundance of options when it comes to everything travel. With these many options, everyone’s favorites will vary slightly based on personal preferences and experiences. However, here is a look at several of my favorite websites, travel accessories and apps for today’s luxury traveler…

Top 3 | Travel Websites: TripAdvisor is always a great place to begin researching destinations. Want to know more about villas in Turks and Caicos? It’s all here. and Even with the heated controversy based around the accuracy of the reviews found online, it still provides a great overview. Jetsetter continues to provide personalized services and great deals with their member-only specials. It’s simply a community of travelers that provide members with insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations. Kayak has also continued to evolve over the years, and provides a one-stop place to compare travel options. For me, it’s most useful when I need a fast and efficient resource for that last-minute getaway.

Top 3 | Travel Accessories: I will admit that I am somewhat addicted to luggage; a variety of brands, colors and styles can be found in my closets. However, a favorite carry-on piece of luggage perfect for a few days travel is the Tumi Riggs Weekender, part of the Georgetown Collection. When it comes to commercial air travel, I believe very strongly in the Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones. Whether you’re in the terminal or in the air, these provide the peace and quiet needed to completely tune out the surrounding chaos. Never wanting to be without power for the smartphones and tablets while traveling, the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation® PRO is a must-have item today. Being both splash and impact resistant, this small accessory holds a lot of power to save the day and keep you connected.

Top 3 | Travel Apps: Though most of us have our hotel and villa accommodations reserved in advance, you never know when you’re stuck in a location for an extra day or need that last-minute reservation. In these situations, I find Hotel Tonight is a great app to have available in these cases to easily find and book a hotel room. When it comes to organizing travel itineraries and bookings, TripIt allows for easy updates and management. They also offer a “Pro” version, as well as a “Team” version, but based on your needs, often the free version is all you need. As universal as we all think we are when traveling, we’ve all been in one of those situations when the language barrier makes for a stressful set of circumstances. Google Translate allows for translations in over 50 languages and even spoken translations and other advanced options in over 30 languages.

Top 3 | Private Jet Charters: Jet options are everywhere today. NetJets has a global fleet of over 650 aircraft, along with a variety of ways to lease, share and book travel. With options including the Bombardier Global 6000 and Gulfstream G550/GV, they certainly have you covered. BizJet Security is a great concept, especially if someone is looking for added security both in the air, and on the ground. The team is made up of experts in their field and provide very personalized services and consulting to their clients. BlueStar Jet is always a great option when looking for a brokerage company with access to a very large network of luxury flights. Their membership card is ideal for many travelers, and being a medium sized company, their ability to work directly with clients is a plus.

Top 3 | Commercial Airlines: Regardless of the airline, or the class you are flying, we all have to deal with the “joys” of getting through the airports. This makes it even more important to have these airlines provide professional services and luxurious amenities from the moment you arrive to the gate/lounge. Airlines are able to reward us with these first class lounges and excellent services while in-flight, and several continue to impress on a regular basis. Qantas has amazing first class services at the airport, peaceful private suites when flying and better than average dining. One added perk on many of their flights is now a SK-II amenity kit along with a branded sleeper suit. Virgin America continues to impress guests and further strengthen the Virgin brand. With a great staff and in-flight amenities and technology that rival any airline, the overall value is unbeatable for first class travel today. I will be the first to admit that options when traveling with trans-pacific airlines are the best in the world with over-the-top amenities and services, and difficult to choose from these airlines. That being said, a personal favorite is still Asiana Airlines for their customer service at the airports and in the air. These flights are often very long, and these flight attendants never disappoint as they see to your every need, and always with a smile.

Top 3 | Ground Transportation: Though ground transportation options will vary greatly based on your destination, there are several resources worth considering that have been very good to me over the years. Always a favorite when in the major US cities, Uber has made a great impression and continues to grow to add more international cities to their offerings. Their on-demand private drivers are very easy to access and monitor via their exceptional smartphone app. When in Europe, Elite Rent provides luxury cars for rent, as well as chauffeured services around town and to/from the airport. They always have the latest and best models to rent, and a great way to travel. Note that if you plan on using their services on a regular bases, they offer ENSO, which is a great membership option. When in the UK, Avis Prestige is a great option for renting a luxury car for your stay. Their services are very personalized and professional during the entire process. Note, when looking for a comparable service in other locations, Avis also offers Avis Signature.

With so many destinations being easily accessible today, several favorite hotspots still include the exotic destinations of Greece, Anguilla and Bali, for example. A luxury villa vacation in these destinations will never disappoint. As the luxury travel resources available today to the affluent traveler continue to improve in both quantity and quality, travel should only become a more efficient and pleasurable experience. Safe travels!

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