Eight Islands Worth Hopping in the Turks & Caicos


Composed of 40 islands, eight of which are inhabited, the Turks & Caicos, invite island-hopping and exploration. Unspoiled natural beauty and lovely beaches balanced by world-class shopping, golf courses and dining, attract knowing travelers from around the world.

Here’s our list of the eight Turks & Caicos Islands, great and small, that are not to be missed.

  1. Grand Turk, the capital of Turks & Caicos, offers a glimpse into Caribbean history with great Bermudian architecture and a rustic charm, as well as some of the best diving around.
  2. Once the center of the Bermudian salt industry, sleepy Salt Cay has about 80 inhabitants and wealth of history, with spectacular whale watching and the region’s most exquisite coral reefs.
  3. Middle Caicos offers experiences of pristine nature, with lush green woodlands, limestone cliffs overlooking sandy beaches, remains of Indian settlements and the biggest cave network in the Caribbean.
  4. Because of its abundant rainfall, North Caicos is the lushest of the islands. It also has the largest flock of pink flamingos, as well as great bird watching in its extensive nature reserves and sanctuaries.
  5. South Caicos, or The Big South, is the fishing capital of the Turks & Caicos, and has its best natural harbor and wonderful seafood dining, with lots of locally caught lobster and conch. The sleepy little town of Cockburn Harbor has hosted royalty and rogues throughout its rich history.
  6. Uninhabited West Caicos is a favorite for picnics and dive operators, with sandy coves and beautiful waters. Its Lake Catherine a nature reserve is home to a riot of bird life.
  7. Also uninhabited, East Caicos is covered by swamps and mangroves and a 17-mile beach on its north coast attracts sea turtles, who come to lay their eggs.
  8. We save the best for last: Providenciales, or Provo as it is called, is the most developed island, a bustling destination that offers all the modern conveniences. Home to world-class shopping, golf courses, restaurants and spas, Providenciales provides plenty of activity and entertainment. To unwind by surf and sand, simply head to one of the island’s beaches. The best are on the north shore, near Grace Bay.

The best luxury villa properties are located in Provo, in exclusive private estates, surrounded by sweetly scented tropical foliage. They feature stunning seaside views, luxurious interiors and exotic architecture with a distinctly West Indian ambiance. They also serve as an ideal base for exploring the magnificent islands of Turks & Caicos.


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